Try This 5 Ingredient Gut-Friendly Morning Elixir for Less Bloating and Healthy Digestion

Logan Hailey
7 min readOct 19, 2021
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Ah, the blissfulness of morning. Each day we are blessed with a new beginning. Morning is a perfect time to reset your digestion and start the day off on a good note.

Overnight, your resident microorganisms in your GI tract have been filtering through anything left from the day before. Whatever you eat when you first wake up will profoundly impact your energy levels, focus, and digestion all day long.

Here are 5 morning foods to nurture an empty stomach and prepare for the day:

Photo by pisauikan on Unsplash

Aloe Vera

You may have used aloe gel on your skin to soothe a sunburn, but it’s also incredible for your digestion. No, I don’t mean the toxic bright green junk at the corner store, but 100% pure organic food-grade aloe vera juice or gel.

Just as aloe vera gel reduces inflammation of a red sunburnt area on your skin, aloe vera soothes the GI tract and relaxes an upset stomach. This is important because the root of most digestive issues is inflammation in the gut. Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and helps relax an inflamed gut.



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