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Vivacious nomad-farmer-writer with a wild spark. I write about organic food & agriculture, sustainability, self-improvement, natural beauty + holistic wellness.

I used to be a vegan.

Like, a hardcore one. I had “vegan” tattooed on my arm (now covered up) and followed a strictly “plant based” diet for over 6 years. It was my entire identity.

I thought it was logical that veggie burgers and meat-less meatballs were a million times better for animals and the environment.

Of course meat is horrible for the planet. I mean, factory farms are basically the devil incarnated, right?

But then I got into agriculture.

Suddenly, some complicated realities shattered my black-and-white thinking…

Not all meat is raised in factory farms

Meat (especially “red meat”) has been villainized in our culture long…

This ancient method transforms even the worst dirt into thriving healthy soil.

No, it has nothing to do the Italian pasta dish.

“Lasagna gardening” is a method of building rich soil.

It was one of the very first ways I learned to grow food when I started organic gardening 7 years ago.

My mentor and dear friend was a German horticulturalist named Marielu. She implemented what German’s call Hugelkultur raised beds all over her self-sufficient homestead, and let me tell you: the place was THRIVING.

I was swimming in the ocean one evening, floating on my back lost in thought. The sun set and suddenly it was dusk, skies on the brink of complete darkness.

I suddenly realized that I have drifted far into the waves.

I turned to look in every direction, but I couldn’t tell which way was the horizon or which way was the shore.

Everything was just water, endless waves.

I started flailing and screaming, but nobody could hear me.

Choking on tears and fear, I was completely alone, lost, frantic, almost drowning. …

It should be old news by now: Fats don’t make you fat. In fact, healthy fats improve skin from the inside-out.

They are essential for a vibrant youthful glow without breakouts or inflammation.

The key is choosing the right fats to support your skin and overall vitality.

Refined industrial fats can lead to dry, wrinkled skin and a higher risk of skin cancer. Here’s why:

Our Cells are Encased in Fats

The protective layer of every single cell in your body is made up of fats.

This cell membrane is called the phospholipid bilayer. …

Science shows it’s more than just a fad.

Yes, there is evidence that strategically rubbing a stone (or a roller, a spoon, or your own hands) across your face can actually improve circulation, reduce wrinkles, and decrease inflammation.

It’s like a natural face lift, but the benefits aren’t only aesthetic.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha (pronounced gwa-sha) is an ancient skin care practice that uses a smooth stone scraped across oiled or lotioned skin.

With promises to reduce wrinkles, give a natural face lift, and reduce breakouts, gua sha stones (and associated jade rollers) have become very popular new beauty products.

But is…

Control the food and you control the masses.

In late 2020, a guy named Eric O’Keefe noticed a massive land purchase in eastern Washington.

He was researching for his magazine, The Land Report, which tracks major land transactions in the United States.

A purchase of more than a thousand acres is what he calls as a “blue moon event” because of its rarity and scale.

This particular acquisition of 14,500 acres of expensive prime farmland in eastern Washington was obviously something worth investigating.

O’Keefe tracked the purchase to a small Louisiana-based firm called Cascade Investment LLC. Coincidentally, this obscure investment…

Tens of thousands of toxic chemicals permeate every square inch of modern society.

The bulk of them are hiding in the seemingly harmless daily products that we slather all over our skin.

Conventional skin care products are not only loaded with allergens and irritants, but also known carcinogens (AKA cancer-causing agents).

How insane is it that humans have become so far removed from nature that we are slathering toxins all over our bodies?

We might as well be eating Vaseline lotion and Coppertone sunscreen.

Oh wait, we kind of are…

A Chemical Sponge

Your skin is the largest and most absorptive organ in…

The stench of rotting cow shit and toxic chemicals hung over the entire place like a cloud you couldn’t escape for miles.

My stomach curdled and eyes burned.

Rage and despair boiled from within me. “How could humans do this to the Earth and to ourselves? How could we be so freaking stupid?” I asked to nobody in particular.

The air was heavy and silent.

I couldn’t take my eyes from the windows as my partner drove our tiny home school bus through southern Idaho’s dismal farm landscape.

Dystopian agricultural nightmare

Industrial corn monocultures extended for thousands of acres- miles- as far as…

Build your self-esteem by replacing these self-sabotaging habits.

When you don’t accept or love yourself for who you are, that insecurity infiltrates every ounce of your being. It stops you from achieving your dreams and having meaningful relationships.

Perhaps you know somebody who is agonizingly insecure, or maybe you struggle with self-worth. You feel inadequate, not good enough, or embarrassed of who you are.

Low self-esteem becomes a crutch in everything that you do. You have this crippling feeling that nobody will accept who you really are below the surface.

Fortunately, insecurity is not your identity. …

We didn’t learn a damn thing from our great grandparent’s mistakes. Agriculture is grinding topsoil to dust, compromising our health and food system in the process.

Since the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, it has become common knowledge that plows and tillers destroy soil structure. They churn and grind it up, transforming what was once living soil into dead lifeless dirt.

We’re Wrecking Our Foundation

Soil is arguably the reason we exist on Mother Earth. It is, quite literally, the foundation of our lives. And no, I don’t just mean us farmers. I mean everyone and everything!

Soil is the basis of all terrestrial…

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