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Vivacious nomad-farmer-writer with a wild spark. Top writer. Regenerative farming, organic food, holistic health, microbiome, personal growth + Mother Earth.
Author Logan Hailey ©

Ah, the blissfulness of morning. Each day we are blessed with a new beginning. Morning is a perfect time to reset your digestion and start the day off on a good note.

Overnight, your resident microorganisms in your GI tract have been filtering through anything left from the day before…

In this world of fast fashion and synthetic plastic fabrics, it’s hard to find clothes that really check all the green boxes. Earthy, soft, sustainable, breathable, antimicrobial and actually trendy and cute? Is that just a pipe dream? With all the latest innovations in hemp fashion, not anymore.

Image courtesy of US Hemp Co.

Why Wear Hemp?

As hemp…

Author © Logan Hailey

A golden door opened. “Welcome!” She sang, her voice ringing at the end.

“Welcome home my darling! We’ve missed you so dearly!” She ushered me in for a warm all-encompassing hug- the warmest hug I’d ever felt.

“My, it must have been a long troubled road to get here!” She…

I remember when I first hit the road at the clueless age of 17. I loaded everything I thought I’d need into a big green military pack, gave away the rest, and got into a baby blue 1976 Dodge Ram van full of wild hippies, hitchhikers, and trainriding punks. …

We all intuitively know what rich soil looks like: it’s that chocolatey brown, soft loamy, well-drained, slightly clumpy, wormed-filled earth that we imagine beneath the garden of Eden. It is the “black gold” that once covered the prairies and valleys of the Midwest. …

Author Logan Hailey with her tiny home school bus conversion ©

I woke this morning with a breath of autumn. It came slowly this year, but then all at once.

Suddenly summer has dwindled down to flicker, only peppers & sun golds & purple flowered tulsi & rotten sunflowers to remind us what was. …

Author with a small Boletus edulis in Oregon © Logan Hailey

Tiptoeing through the forest in search of fungal jewels, I step lightly so as not to disturb the mushrooms we seek. Beneath me, mycelial hyphae are reaching out to their ends, grabbing the hands of their comrades in a network that unites the whole forest.

It is said that over…

If you find yourself constantly reaching for something sweet, you probably already know you have a sugar craving problem. In this day and age, it’s hard not to!

Photo by Ralph Mayhew on Unsplash

Sugar stops us from reaching our fitness goals, distracts us from daily tasks, and drives us into unhealthy food choices. Research shows…

A lot of farmers and land managers are probably mad at me for writing this.

One of the most invasive plants in North America also happens to be extraordinarily medicinal.

Author Logan Hailey with Japanese Knotweed © 2021

Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) is an aggressive and fierce perennial plant native to Japan, Korea, and China. First brought over…

If you’ve been struggling with an upset stomach, bloating, diarrhea, or reoccurring digestive issues, your body is trying to tell you something.

The message will only get louder (and worse) unless you address underlying issues in your diet.

Image courtesy of Power of Positivity

Fortunately, simply avoiding certain foods can alleviate so many gut issues, not…

Logan Hailey

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