Fake Food, Technocracy & Population Control: Behind Bill Gates’ Farmland Grab

Logan Hailey
5 min readMar 24, 2021

Control the food and you control the masses.

In late 2020, a guy named Eric O’Keefe noticed a massive land purchase in eastern Washington.

He was researching for his magazine, The Land Report, which tracks major land transactions in the United States.

A purchase of more than a thousand acres is what he calls as a “blue moon event” because of its rarity and scale.

This particular acquisition of 14,500 acres of expensive prime farmland in eastern Washington was obviously something worth investigating.

O’Keefe tracked the purchase to a small Louisiana-based firm called Cascade Investment LLC. Coincidentally, this obscure investment firm headed by Michael Larson is responsible for managing large sums of Bill Gates’ portfolio.

Largest Farmland Owner in America

As of February 2021, Gates has made headlines across the world for becoming the largest owner of U.S. farmland: nearly 250,000 acres across Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Washington.

That’s a hell of a lot of land for one person to control.

Is it because Bill is just a good ole farm boy?



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