How to Embody Your Higher Self to Get Exactly What You Want: T-Chart Method

Logan Hailey
10 min readMay 3, 2023

If you’re tired of all the magical manifestation voodoo, here is a practical way to attract exactly what you desire.

Stop daydreaming about your dream man/woman, your dream car, or your dream job, and instead become your dream version of yourself!

Self exploration and improvement are the secrets to magnetizing your desires. The exercise described below walks you through that transformation in a practical way.

But, you could skip the whole article by understanding this simple rule:

Instead of fixating on what you want, become the type of person who can attract and receive it.

If that’s a bit murky, let’s dig deeper into exactly why and how to do this:

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Embody the Energy You Wish to Receive

While opposite magnets sometimes attract, a far more common law of the universe is: like attracts like.

When you are operating from the frequency of what you want, it is more likely to find you. This isn’t actually as woo-woo as it sounds.

If you’re tuned into an AM radio station, an FM show won’t be available to you. Moreover, a Spotify playlist is highly unlikely to burst through your speakers!

This is the perfect old-fashioned metaphor to explain the logic behind vibrational frequencies:

  • If you are tuned into the frequency of stress and worry, a calm and easygoing person is unlikely to be attracted to you.
  • If you are tuned into the frequency of debt and overspending, you are unlikely to stumble upon a life-changing financial breakthrough.
  • If you are tuned into the frequency of procrastination and a lack of discipline, success cannot reach you.
  • If you are tuned into the frequency of laziness and junk food, high energy levels and a bikini body are impossible to achieve.

Ask yourself: What frequency am I operating on?



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