How to Make Friends Everywhere You Go: 5 Simple Ways to Connect

Logan Hailey
10 min readDec 18, 2021

Community is the most vital part of the human experience. Study after study shows that the happiest, longest-living people have a thriving support system of interconnected relationships.

We are social animals in need of a herd or a pack. Yet, even with nearly 8 billion people on Earth and obsessive social media use, modern humans are the most depressed and lonely that they’ve ever been in history.

We need to connect. We need to talk to strangers in order to find our tribe. Here’s how to make friends everywhere you go.

Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash

Everywhere Is Home

I’ve lived on the road for over 5 years now. Some people might think that constantly traveling would be lonely because you can’t put down roots in a community you’re only passing through.

But it’s quite the opposite: Everywhere I go feels like home.

And that’s not just because I have my tiny-home-on-wheels (a short bus) with me at all times, but because I make new friends at every turn. I have hundreds of “homes” all across the country.

This is an invisible mindset as well as a physical experience. You have to program yourself to feel accepted everywhere.



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