How to Overcome Rejection + Reclaim Your Power

Logan Hailey
5 min readFeb 8, 2022
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The fear of rejection is practically hardwired into our DNA. We want to be accepted as part of the human tribe.

We’ve all had the nightmares:

You’re standing in front of a huge crowd of people and they start to boo you and throw bananas at your face.

You work your ass off to land a new job or get accepted to a prestigious school, only to receive a letter of rejection telling you you’re not good enough.

A guy or girl that you really like ends up ghosting you or tells you “sorry, it’s not going to work out” and you wonder what you did wrong, if you were too fat and ugly or you just talked too much and embarrassed yourself.

Rejection triggers the same parts of our brain as physical pain. Some may say it feels even worse. It’s the feeling that we aren’t good enough and we aren’t accepted by the group.

But what if rejection is a glowing blessing rather than a confidence-shattering punch?

What if rejection is just another turn on the map?

A detour in the right direction?

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Read the Signs

If someone denies or rejects you or doesn’t accept you for who you are, it is a sign from the universe to stop wasting your time with people who don’t value you.

If you learn to consider rejection a blessing rather than a curse, life will lead you in a far better direction — toward the other 8 billion people on the planet who may be wiling to accept and love you for who you are.

Rejection is simply a necessary detour. That person or situation is not meant to be. It’s not in your best interest, otherwise it would’ve worked out differently.

When you’re able to start reading the signs and accepting that things happen for some sort of incomprehensible reason, life becomes more peaceful. Rejection becomes easier. Roadblocks become your best friends.

So they didn’t want to date you or be your friend or invest in your business?

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