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Sickness is Profitable & Health is Rebellious

Logan Hailey
9 min readDec 13, 2021

Are you going to become another pawn in the drug-slinging pharma profit machine or are you going to take your health into your own hands?

We are living in a society that prefers you do the former, because the latter is bad for business. Choosing to prioritize your health is the ultimate rebellion.

Having healed myself from a so-called “incurable” chronic disease, I can only wish the same for the 133 million+ people who deal with chronic illness on a daily basis.

The mainstream medical system failed me and told me I would have to be on prescription medication for the rest of my life. The prescriptions coincidentally put me at risk for a whole plethora of other diseases.

Yet with the help of a functional medicine specialist and naturopath, I reversed the condition once and for all with a holistic diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Unfortunately for them, the medical system can’t make any money off of my so-called “incurable” disease anymore. The same is true for thousands of others I’ve met in person and online.

The process of unraveling the lies I’d been told about my condition since childhood led me to understand how the modern healthcare system is not at all interested our health.

In fact, they are far more interested in our sickness.

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Defying the Rules and Overthrowing Sickness

I’ve always been on the more radical punky, hippie rebellious side of life. I never much cared for rules or the “normal” way of doing things. But when you’re young, rebellion often looks like sneaking out late to smoke cigarettes, try drugs, drink and party.

Our culture definitely doesn’t think of health as rebellion. In fact, to most people it seems boring compared to getting drunk and doing stupid reckless shit after dark.

Just see how people react when you say you’re going to the gym or staying in to cook a wholesome meal on a Friday night.



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